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Welcome to maison Papillon

Specialties include:
Lymphatic Drainage
Fascial Counterstrain
Therapeutic & post-Surgical Massage


Maison Papillon combines 12 years of expertise with  research and continuous education in all specialties offered. The treatments here are safe, effective and get results. In general, I offer:


  •  Lymphatic drainage and expert consult to safely get your best result after plastic surgery.

  • Alternative and cutting edge therapy in bodywork for relaxation, relief from migraines, chronic neck or low back pain, I specialize in Bodywork and Massage Therapy that aids in treating chronic inflammation such as  MS, Lymphedema,  or Fibromyalgia.

  •  I offer safe body treatments that contour, hydrate or remineralize the body. My treatments and holistic and 100% organic wherever possible.

 As a special gift to you, I invite you to save on a Signature Massage or Body Treatment during your first visit. To claim your signature offer, just let me know while scheduling via phone it's your first visit or enter “firstvisit” at checkout when you schedule your first appointment online.

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