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Vous êtes sur le point de vous lancer dans un voyage de guérison, . Imaginez que vous ressortirez de votre mieux, rafraîchi, inspiré et prêt à vivre pleinement votre vie. je  suis ici pour être  un guide bien-être attentionné et un fournisseur de massages et de thérapies manuelles conçus pour vos besoins.


Experience our Healing Touch

Maison Papillon (in english: butterfly house) takes its inspiration from the butterfly, an exquisite symbol that shows us how we are always in process - struggling and striving for more life as well as new forms of expression with every step taken on our path.


Our Post Op Lymphatic & Fibrosis treatment is amazing—Be sure to check out our before & after photos and see for yourself what this therapeutic massage treatment does!


We offer so much more than just that though -Try La Maison Signature massage and experience what we have in store for those who come here looking to relax, or our Therapeutic Massage will help you find relief from pain and find your wings again to fly.


At Maison Papillon, we welcome you as you are - Come and explore all that we have to offer!

our location

Lun - Ven : 9h-20h​​ Samedi : 12h - 17h​ Dimanche : 9h - 17h

1427 N.Monroe st.

Spokane, WA.99201


1427, rue N. Monroe

Spokane, WA 99201

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