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If you are like me, then stepping out into the freezing Spokane winter temperatures and back to indoor heat, coupled with hormonal issues hammers your skin. Fast forward to soaring temperatures and dry summer heat creating another opportunity to further dry skin out.  Maybe you have already been hydrating inside and out and your skin still feeling parched.

Have you wondered what else is out there to give very dry skin a lasting surge of moisture? Might I suggest a hydration cocoon?

If a full-body rejuvenation of parched skin is what you're after, then consider a Hydration Cocoon. Many beauty treatments for skin focus only on the face. All of your skin should glow, from head to toe. The Hydration Cocoon delivers an abundance of moisture to parched skin, and it does much more than simply hydrate.

The treatment begins with an Ayurvedic silk glove exfoliation. From there, you are

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  • Made out of 100% raw silk,  Used in our Garshana and Abhyanga  Ayurvedic Massage treatment, this exfoliation ritual revitalizes your skin to remove dead skin cells, brightens the skin, leaving it silky and soft.

  • Anti-Cellulite Exfoliating: This dry gloves technique helps stimulate your blood circulation by increasing the blood flow within the skin. This exfoliating experience helps breaks down cellulite lumps and make the skin smoother and toned.

  • Removes Toxins & Stimulates Lymphatic System:  Refreshes and stimulates the lymphatic system by offering a complete massage. It also helps detoxifies the body and skin, balances hormones, and promotes overall health.

  • Give your skin a refreshed, youthful glow

This treatment begins with a silk glove exfoliation..

Mature beautiful senior mid age older Asian woman of 50s years applying putting skin care

Then application of the treatment and body wrap...

This part of the ritual silkens the skin because of its ability to nourish deeply with specialized types of minerals and amino acids known to aid in the rebuilding of collagen and protecting the skin you're in.

The multi-mineral complex within the wrap helps stimulate cell turnover and reduces the appearance of fatigued skin. Proline, a super amino acid, reactivates the production of collagen fibers and restructures them. This along with specialized forms of copper and zinc is essential for the formation of collagen,offering anti-wrinkle effects and increasing skin elasticity. Sericin, copper and zinc also hold great antioxidant power by preventing lipid peroxidation, which is the process in which free radicals "steal" electrons from the lipids in cell membranes, resulting in cell damage.

Add massage therapy to your session

What is included in the service?

The service includes:

Silk glove exfoliation (Garshana)

The Hydration treatment

Lavender Coconut Scalp massage treatment(A beautiful, unique blend of lush grown in Greenbluff lavender, silky coconut milk, sweet coconut shavings, and sugary vanilla. Soft, beautiful, and light- the perfect scent for relaxation.)

*Massage can be added to the session

After the session is completed, you will be given a  goodie bag with products to continue the to continue with after you leave.

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